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State and federal laws are mandating ADA signage, directional signage and pictograms for the visually impaired.
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The World Leader in Rotary Engraving Solutions.
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Introduction to rotary engraving technology, including a how-to guide, sample applications, return on investment, and case study.
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Engraving Machines

Roland EGX engraving machines deliver precision results, making it possible to personalize everything from awards, gifts and jewelry to rhinestone decorated apparel, and ADA-compliant signage.

EGX-20 Engraving Machine

  • Price/performance breakthrough
  • Easy to operate
  • Active Surface Tracking system
  • Software Included

EGX-30A Desktop Engraving Machine

  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Convenient 12” by 8” work area
  • Bundled with engraving software and tools

EGX-350 Desktop Engraving Machine

  • Spindle speed up to 20,000 rpm
  • Convenient, 12" by 9" work area
  • Advanced surface detector simplifies setup
  • Engraving software and tools included
  • Optional ADA signage kit available

EGX-360 Rotary Gift Engraving Machine

  • Personalize jewelry, gifts, awards and signs
  • Engraves cylindrical objects made from glass and metal
  • Engraves rings both inside and out
  • Supports engraving on flat and curved surfaces

EGX-400 & EGX-600 Professional Engraving Machines

  • Roland High Speed Engraving (HSE)
  • DC Servo brushless motors on all axes for unmatched precision
  • Spindle speed up to 30,000 rpm
  • 2D and 3D CNC engraving machine
  • Includes software
  • Optional ADA signage kit available
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