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how to print in mirror sticker
i need to print in mirror sticker i try to change the quality and the profile but every time i fail. the sticker doesn't catch the ink. here is a YouTube link show you how the XC-540 can print on it while i can't.
Posted by moh_turk. Last Replied by Concept on 10/12/2011. (1 Replies)

Owners Manual for PNC-1050? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
I know this isn't the first time someone has asked for this elusive manual...but I had to try......I just inherited this plotter from a friend who of course didn't have the manual.....SO.. I am asking if anyone here does???
Posted by MrXray69. Last Replied by Keypup on 10/12/2011. (1 Replies)

problems with MPX 90
I have the problem I always have stripes / scratches in the engraving and disappear slowly after about 50-60 engravings. The problem comes from the green head? what you can do on the setting so that there is a good engraving? My material is brass.
Posted by chris0707. Last Replied by chris0707 on 10/12/2011. (4 Replies)

Eco UV inks
I'm running an LEC 300A and the cyan ink is now printing light and with a yellow tint. Any ideas? Also wondering what happens as the UV inks near or pass their expiration.
Posted by fjaeger. Last Replied by Alpha Star on 10/12/2011. (1 Replies)

PNC 1050 User Manual lost in move. In dire need . Hel!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my first post here so I hope I am in the correct forum.  I have owned a 1050 user manual
since 1994 and I love it.  However I have moved recently and have lost the user manual for it.  I could
not find it on Roland's site either.  The closest I came to it was a user manual for a 960. I hope someone
in this forum can direct me to a location I can download it from or otherwise obtain a copy.
                                                                                                       Thank you,

Posted by signtrek. Last Replied by MrXray69 on 10/11/2011. (1 Replies)

QR codes
Has anyone successfully engraved QR codes? I have the MPX 90 and the EGX 350 and I just had someone ask me if I could. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated :)
Posted by BarbaraLgc. Last Replied by BarbaraLgc on 10/11/2011. (2 Replies)

my XC-540 is not printing gray! Help suggest fixes, pretty please!
Like my subject line says, when I select the color gray from my roland color chart, it prints out a light teal/greenish color...... Any suggestions for correcting this? Thank you so much!
Posted by susie. Last Replied by dcurtis on 10/11/2011. (3 Replies)

?? about BN20
Hi folks... I'm looking in to getting the BN20 and I'm left with questions after reviewing the specs. Hope someone here can help....thanks in advance:) #1. how many sq ft does it print in 1 hour? #2. I know it's for 20in media but can 24in fit in the machine? I have a ton of 24in in stock........ #3 biggest question, does it have a optical eye? some of the jobs I would have to perform with this machine would have to be laminated.
Posted by Sticker. Last Replied by dcurtis on 10/11/2011. (3 Replies)

Broken USB
First off I'm new to the forum. Seems there's lots of great info out here so, good looking out for each other. I hate to register and come right in with a question but..... I have a GX-24 that's about 5 years old and has been working great. Recently a dog jumped up to look out the window and brought a paw down on top of the USB cable at the cutter. At first (and for months) the PC still recognized the cutter through that connection even though the cable kind of "drooped" where it went into the machines USB port. Recently however, that connection stopped working altogether. Upon further investigation I discovered that the innards of the machines USB port are totally shot and that the USB port connects directly to the cutters main board so there's no simple "pull and replace" option available. I'm not dead in the water b/c I shifted to using the 24 pin parallel port, but you loose some significant functionality when you loose the USB connection. So my questions are: Can I buy and replace the board? Can I ship the board off get repaired or are there local dealers who can do this repair? Any ideas on cost / availability of parts here on the right coast of the US? Thanks in advance for your replies!
Posted by Sweet Graffix. Last Replied by dcurtis on 10/11/2011. (3 Replies)

Dongle w/ EGX-400
I recently bought a used EGX-400 engraver. It came with the free Dr. Engrave software. There was also a software dongle attached; I'm wondering what software commonly sold for the EGX-400, which was not included with the engraver, uses a dongle. Does Roland Engrave Lab software use a dongle? The dongle manufacturer's imprint on the dongle is: HASP4 M1 133-43c 0Z00W I2 98224 Can anyone tell me if Roland Engrave Lab or other software that Roland sells for the EGX-400 uses a dongle? If so, can I purchase replacement media for this software and how much would it cost? thank you, Pat
Posted by Last Replied by CdnEngraver on 10/10/2011. (1 Replies)

Margenta and Yellow don't print
I everybody, I have a Vesrsa-art RS -640 i don't know why but my Margenta and yellow stop printing, made a print test they don't appear, already check they fuses, they both are ok, can someone help me please
Posted by Rj Volmar. Last Replied by ActNow on 10/10/2011. (1 Replies)

3Line Font
This font was available from Roland a few years back. Is it still available to download? I'm looking for the 3L font. My old computer system crashed and I need to reinstall in new computer. If available could you please send me the link. Thanks
Posted by glenndog. Last Replied by obzELiTe on 10/10/2011. (5 Replies)

Oracal 3651 clear
hi. We just got a VS 540 with white/metallic configuration (yesterday) and so far it looks great. We want to use Oracal 3651 clear for some big jobs, that will have white in the print, any suggestions for the best profile to use? I took a look at the Oracal website, and there are 7 or 8 different profiles there for the 3651, and I have no idea which one to use. Anybody using 3651 on their VS printer? Which profile do you use? Thanks, Mark
Posted by MarkG. Last Replied by masse83 on 10/9/2011. (7 Replies)

Recommend a new lamintor
I run 300-500 feet of vinyl and maybe another 100' of photo paper through my versacamm printer that I need to laminate each week. Who makes the best laminators? What are you using for cold roll lamination? Would you recommend that brand? Why or why not? I want to balance productivity and price point. Thanks, Eric
Posted by CS-EC. Last Replied by thesignpost on 10/7/2011. (7 Replies)

cutting problem
I have a VersaCamm SP-300V and use FlexiDesigner with VersaWorks. My problem is when I cut anything some of the edges don't cut. For example, if I am cutting basic vinyl lettering with a contour cut, the top of the rounded letters don't cut because they are higher. The cut line shows in VersaWorks, but if the blue frame around the job is on top of the cut line, it doesn't cut. I just started using VersaWorks. Is there a setting I need to change? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
Posted by pengem. Last Replied by masse83 on 10/7/2011. (5 Replies)

MPX 70 Printer Head
My printer head pins keep breaking after I do approximately 15 to 20 tags. Can anyone help me with what I might be doing wrong? I understand a head should last through at least 3000 tags...but it seems instead of approx. 300 tags a pin, I'm only getting 20 tags a pin.
Posted by CccPing. Last Replied by rrivera on 10/6/2011. (3 Replies)

MPX-60 windows7 driver
It is 2011 now isn't there any pmx60 win7 driver. or Rolando stopping to sport theirs older product.
Posted by dante01. Last Replied by rrivera on 10/6/2011. (1 Replies)

I am getting an error message since re-installing Visual Production Manager. Has anyone ever heard of "grip.exe" ?
Posted by mrgraphixx. Last Replied by ActNow on 10/6/2011. (1 Replies)

I currently have a Vp-540 I was considering a few upgrade options as I want to increase capacity Option A: Purchase a GX-640 Cutter so i can print on the VP-540 and cut on the GX-640 at the same time lots of time i need to print and cut large quantities and this would shave hours of the total number of hours needed. Estimated cost $6k Pros: Additional Cutting Capacity Cons: no additional print capacity Option B: Purchase a 2nd Vp-540 (possibly as used one), my vp-540 has been very reliable and I'm comfortable with it.. adding a 2nd one will enable doubling of my capacity.. print and cut but it will cost from 14-22k Option C: Trade in my VP-540 for a XJ-640 Printer and a GX-640 Cutter, this will increase my print speed and enable cutting separately Xj-640 is around 30k, 6X-640 is around 6k.. trade in of vp-540 prob around 12k so it would cost me around 24k Option D: Trade in my Vp-540 for a XC-540, this will increase my print speed but keep my cutting capacity the same as my VP New XC-540 is 31k minus a 12k trade in for the VP - so approximately a 19k investment What would you do?
Posted by adamfilip. Last Replied by ActNow on 10/4/2011. (1 Replies)

MPX-90 frames downloads
Just purchased my MPX-90 photo impact printer. Where do i download the frames for the borders. it talks about it in the tutorials
Posted by capjewelers. Last Replied by BarbaraLgc on 10/3/2011. (1 Replies)

More templates?
Just wondering where I can get more Metaza2 templates? Roland Cst Srv sent me some via email, but they arent neearly all the different shapes and sizes out there? Can someone link me please to a site or resourse where I can download all the different templates please? Using a MPx 70
Posted by jerkflavor. Last Replied by BarbaraLgc on 10/3/2011. (2 Replies)

EGX-20 Depth Variation
My egx-20 seems to vary cut depth as its cutting (see previous post). The attached image shows a sequence of squares all starting at the bottom left. The outside is cut clockwise then the subsequent squares are cut in sequentially opposing directions (i.e. clockwise, anti-clockwise, clockwise .....). Has anyone got any ideas of what could be causing this. It's a big problem for my when I am processing small text.
Posted by derekjohn37 on 10/2/2011.

EGX-20 Stepper judder
I have been using an EGX-20 for about 4 months now. The problem (or concern) I have is that the Z-Axis motor judders as it lowers to the work piece. When I engrave fine work (0.01" cutter at depth of 0.2mm) I get varying depth therefore varying line width. Could this be linked to the judder problem (poor depth tracking and control)?
Posted by derekjohn37 on 10/2/2011.

JWX 10 cutting into base plate
Hello, We have two Roland JWX 10 milling machines. One of them is having a problem where when milling a model the spindle is stepping down while cutting. Bit starts off cutting level for a few mm. Then the spindle on the Z axis drops a little and mills at that Z axis level for a few passes, then drops a little more. After a few more passes Z drops more. After some more passes the bit starts cutting into the base plate. We had the parameters set in Modela to not cut below 5 mm above the base plate. From the side the model looks like a stair steps into the base plate when it should be 5 mm above the base plate, level and parallel to the base plate. Any one have any thoughts on why this is occurring? Models are being created in Rhinoceros. Thank You, Roger
Posted by mtlqrx on 9/30/2011.

Print cut align off when qty is 250
When I print and cut 125 issue when I do it with 250, cut is off up to 1/8" over 48" length. not sure what to do
Posted by adamfilip. Last Replied by adamfilip on 9/29/2011. (4 Replies)

Fuzzy printing SP300
I just had my SP300 serviced. A friend and I have the same model and I brought my machine to his shop and had the tech do both printers at the same location. He said the machine was in great order, the encoder strip and scan motor where fine. He just did a cleaning, replaced wipers and sponges and calibrated the print head. When I got the machine home the prints were horrid. It sprays blue and every print is fuzzy. If I print on fast setting they look pretty decent though grainy. On high quality and standard they are so blurry you can hardly tell what they are. Is it possible that I have a profile issue in Flexi or did the guy screw this thing up? I ran multiple cleanings in case it got dirty during transport but nothing. He gave the machine a clean bill of health and said it was in great shape. We didn't do an actual test design when he was done just the system test print which looks fine even when I do it now. Actual work prints however are a mess. Any help appreciated. Steve
Posted by Steveloaf. Last Replied by tabone on 9/29/2011. (1 Replies)

Banding on solid colors
Hey guys... after searching around I understand there has been others with a "banding" issue, with various printers, but again, I will ask for some help / advice. We currently are running a Roland VS-640 and a VP-540. We are finding that when we print floods of a color we are getting light banding every 16-24" on the 640. and on the 540 about 4-6". We are using 3m control-tac...and have used Avery which finds us with the same result. On the 540 today, we are using versawork to rip files. We are printing on Pre-Press US, Mode: CMYK (v)W-PASS and still, we are getting that light banding... Again, this only seems to happen when we are printing floods of one color...EXCEPT Black.. When we print floods of black, we print on Max Density US to get a deep black. (instead of always using a kicker in our blacks). Can anyone help? Thanks Guys J
Posted by nlimit19. Last Replied by tonyolm on 9/29/2011. (11 Replies)

EGX-20 letters are weird
I have an EGX-20 about 6 years old. Less than 500 hours of use. Running it with and old PC running XP. The finished letters are coming out weird. It is more pronounced with curved letters such as C's and O's. I can send the .ded files to my inkjet printer and they print exactly as I've composed them. Yet the engraver skews them. I'll try to attach a picture of the problem.
Posted by engraverjim on 9/28/2011.

Gray to Black Gradient produces Green tones
On my SP-540i, I printed a car wrap that had a gradient that went from gray to black. It came out with an awful green tint to it. Has anyone ever had this problem with the VW RIP and did you find a solution?
Posted by Rod McIntosh. Last Replied by dcurtis on 9/28/2011. (10 Replies)

LPX EZstudio
Im using the LPX 600 3d scanner and trying to scan using the packaged LPX EZStudio that came with device. Several times i have done a preview scan and when completed I have nothing showing on the screen. If anyone can help me please let me know.
Posted by JohnHunter. Last Replied by nid on 9/26/2011. (4 Replies)

Versaworks problem with cutting path...

   Im currently having some problems with versaworks and the CutContour cutpath.

Ive been using this machine for over two years now and have plenty of experience with roland machines.  However I dont understand why versaworks is so finicky with its cutpaths..  they work fine with simple vector designs.. but when you start adding drop shadows, transparency, or images in with vector it somehow messes up the file and wont allow versaworks to use the cutpath.

Im using illustrator and save all my files as .eps

ive tried saving in all the different versions of illustrator

ive tried making the cutpath different stroke sizes, also making on a complete different layer.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem it would be awesome help!


Posted by Fusion Graphix. Last Replied by dcurtis on 9/26/2011. (7 Replies)

first wrap of vinyl on roll prints light.
Do all vinyls print light for the first wrap around the roll that has been exposed all night to the air? Or just the Hexis V200 I'm using for this job? Been pulling out hair in order to match the printing on a job from six months ago where the customer wants a change of copy. Rather than reprint the WHOLE sign, I wanted just to put an overlay on the section he needs changed. Could not get 20% black to print the same way it did before. Did a swatch print in 1% increments from 20-60% and found that 40% was right on. This morning I printed the patch only to discover that the first 17.5 inches were on the money and the following 36 inches matched the 60% swatch from the day before. 17.5 inches perfectly wraps around the roll. Don't know why I've never noticed this before. Has anyone else seen it?
Posted by rghare. Last Replied by tabone on 9/24/2011. (1 Replies)

Plastic Media Supports
Do you guys use the Plastic Media Holders when you load media on your rollers or do you just sit it on the rollers directly.. I like using them except for taking them on and off and sometimes they don't hold on that well. and you really have to super tighten them. I have a Vp540 is there any other aftermarket or a better newer system that holds on more securely. I'm thinking of pre attaching these things to all my media. so its a quicker changeover
Posted by adamfilip. Last Replied by Concept on 9/24/2011. (5 Replies)

CutStudio Plugin (mac) can't work with Lion
Before you upgrade, it appears that the current version of the cutting application for CutStusio Mac was a PowerPC app, and Rosetta emulation has been removed with the advent of Lion. I'm hoping there's modern version of the application somewhere and I just missed it, but apparently if you upgrade you won't be able to drive your cutter anymore. The plugin works fine within Illustrator, but when you go to cut, the app won't launch. Argh.
Posted by chrisdrummonds. Last Replied by will61 on 9/23/2011. (19 Replies)

No magenta nor yellow output
I just acquired a VersaCamm sp300v. The cyan & black print but not magenta or yellow. I did cleanings and changed caps. The dealer recommended using a syringe to try to get the ink flowing. I didn't get any ink from either tube. Did I do this wrong or is there a bigger problem? It did sit for awhile, but was told it was turned on often. Thank you for any help
Posted by pengem. Last Replied by stuntman on 9/22/2011. (6 Replies)

SP540v running on windows 7??
I have searched back page by page (no more search function) trying to find out if a SP540v and Versaworks will work on woindows 7 professional under XP mode? I really need to upgrade my computer, but need to keep my SP540 running. Anyone have luck with this? Should I run windows 7, 32 bit? stan Sonrise Signs
Posted by sonrisesigns. Last Replied by stuntman on 9/22/2011. (2 Replies)

Print a row, cut a row
Hi, I attended a Roland seminar once where they explained how to tell the printer to print n rows and then go back and cut them, then print n more rows, go back and cut them, etc until the job is done. This is to prevent the cut alignment from getting off towards the end of the job. Now I can't remember how to do it. I've looked through all the versaworks menus and the printer menus and I just cannot figure it out. Anyone know how to do this? Running Versaworks 4.2.1 with a Versacamm VP 540i Thanks!
Posted by centralboiler. Last Replied by Moviesignsdrew on 9/22/2011. (4 Replies)

Just Curious.. what temps do people set there printers too we either have it on full when printing or off when cutting
Posted by adamfilip. Last Replied by tabone on 9/21/2011. (1 Replies)

Cutting Convex w/ SP-540-V
I put in a 60 degree blade to help with the thick material. I have all the rollers in to keep the material striaght. The print is only about 4' long and the cut is off by the end of the cut. The material is scrolling from side to side also. I have backed off the cutting pressure to see if less would help but nothing. Any suggestions. Thad Bigfoot Signs & Graphics, LLC
Posted by bigfoot. Last Replied by tabone on 9/21/2011. (7 Replies)

RS-640 media holder on VP-540
Can the RS-640 Media holder be adapted to fit onto the Roland Vp-540
Posted by adamfilip. Last Replied by adamfilip on 9/21/2011. (3 Replies)

Print On Static Cling
We have the xc-540 roland printer and I am currently having a huge amount of trouble printing on static cling. The prints come out very trnsulecent and barely visible in windows. Can any one help me figure out how to get a nice bold solid color print.
Posted by splante. Last Replied by fcatania on 9/19/2011. (7 Replies)

VersaUV LEJ Hybrid UV-LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer
Well, I tried printing on ½ white ultraboard.First its a very snug fit. There is a metal plate that leads up to the print area, the material catches on this lip. There is a rubber curtain that prevented it from entering in the back, it would fold over on top of the substrate and scratch the surface, my tech removed it and it works fine. I think this machine will be great once we iron out all the bugs, I think we finally have done that.
Posted by thesignpost. Last Replied by dhawkes on 9/19/2011. (1 Replies)

Yellows printing greenish on VP540
I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but all my banners that have a solid yellow are printing greenish, not even close to yellow. I've tried different profiles different banner materials but all seem about the same. All nozzles are working properly, I'm using ecosol-max inks. I don't have enough experience in profiling material or changing the ink settings to try that. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help John
Posted by john. Last Replied by ActNow on 9/19/2011. (4 Replies)

looking for someone with a mdx540 with rotary
Hey guys i am looking for some one who has a roland mdx 540 with rotary axis and can mill a wax part for me , will pay thanks in advance my email is
Posted by aysculpture on 9/18/2011.

MDX-20 Modeling LED blinking
have a MDX-20 been milling aluminum got a blinking Modeling LED at a rate of 1 or 2 blinks a second. The cuttring operation stops and the end mill does not raise up to the view position. just stay where it is. Its not the 10 blink/second listed in the owner manual. This blink code is not listed in the owner manual. anyone else seen this? know what the cause/fix is? thanks, in advance
Posted by ALI_MDX20. Last Replied by ND on 9/18/2011. (1 Replies)

Sample files
Hi all. We are in the process of buying a VS540 with the metallic/white configuration, and I was wondering if anybody knows of any sample files that Roland has for printing and displaying the capabilities of the printer? Eventually we will make our own, I'm sure, but for now it would be nice to have something to start with. Mark
Posted by MarkG. Last Replied by masse83 on 9/17/2011. (1 Replies)

Media curls when bleed printing.
Is there a way to avoid curling of the vinyl after print and cut ? When I print and wait for 2 days to cut, it's a little less ... but the problem remains. I tried also to cut it first and then print it, but here also the curl remains.
Posted by Yammaskia. Last Replied by artconcepts on 9/16/2011. (1 Replies)

Clear Vinyl
Can anyone recommend, if it does exist, a clear vinyl that is easy to install. I have a project in which we have to install 4' by 20' panels, horizontally. We will be using water but I'd rather not.
Posted by pepford. Last Replied by artconcepts on 9/16/2011. (2 Replies)

EGX-20 with Windows 7
Hi, Does anyone have info on how to download and install EGX-20 drivers to a new laptop with Windows 7? I have been following the Roland instructions pertaining to Windows 7 and Windows Vista Driver installation but when I get to step 6, the select "other devices" option is not available, so therefore, I am not able to select "update driver software" and that's where I have to stop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Posted by Sluke. Last Replied by n6mon on 9/14/2011. (7 Replies)

BN 20
Has anyone used the BN 20? where did you buy ink? it does not show on Roland's Store. Is the machine so slow it hurts?
Posted by charles95405. Last Replied by fcatania on 9/14/2011. (1 Replies)

What is the best method to printing full color back-lit sign?
I have a vs-640 with VERSAWORKS 2.7. I have to print a 36" by 96" decal for a backlit sign. The graphic is yellow from end to end with a blue outline - about an inch thick. The inside portion of the graphic has a company logo that is about 4 different colors - essentially I have to do a digital print instead of using cut vinyl. I am keen on using clear calendered vinyl. Any suggestions / advise would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Posted by sohografiks. Last Replied by fcatania on 9/14/2011. (4 Replies)

SP 300 Print From Corel too Large ?
I have a design with an .eps engine turned fill that measures 19 x 73" that is in coreldraw x4. If I print to visual print manager, it does accept the drawing, but only allow a 12" x 20 print. I have it set to a 24" x 1800" size, so that is not the problem. Is it too complex because of the fills ?
Posted by mrgraphixx. Last Replied by ActNow on 9/14/2011. (5 Replies)

Cyan fading out on VS640
Hello, my problem is, that anytime I try to print anything blue, after a while cyan starts to fade out and you can see not only stripes, but also plenty of magenta. It seems to me like while printing, cyan is getting clogged and is not printed (that is why the graphic is getting purpleish and is full of stripes). After a cleaning (normal cleaning mode in Maintenance section), everything is back to normal. I got the same problem every time I try to print something blue. More blue is used in the graphic, the worse it looks if I just let it print. Any suggestion would be great. EDIT: I made few pictures, you can see exactly what I am trying to say... :-) 1. Beginning of the printed job 2. End of the printed job 3. One and the same print job
Posted by MatejSK. Last Replied by tabone on 9/13/2011. (3 Replies)

Looking for a printer with a VS-640 based in the WEST COAST of the US
We are an Australian company that is looking for a printer to work with in the states who is interested in setting up a relationship with us to print, pack and ship our products within the USA & Canada. We will be in San Diego in the middle of June and would like to meet.
Posted by IIS group. Last Replied by dhawkes on 9/13/2011. (4 Replies)

Problems with Drytacs Panda Print Bamboo Fabric
Have a Versacamm SP540-V with eco-sol max inks. Using Versaworks rip software. Trying to do a banner job on "Panda Print" Bamboo Fabric from Drytac. Even after allowing my test prints to dry for over 5 days, the ink scratches off very easily. I'm concerned that the grommets in the finished banners will scratch the heck out of the prints. Any ideas or tips on drying & printing profiles?
Posted by Goodsign. Last Replied by Goodsign on 9/13/2011. (3 Replies)

Printer not cutting
Hello, I'm Raymond Junior, i'hve a VersaCamm VS-640, I'm not sure that the cutter it's over think that the Force needs to be increased but i don't know how, can someone help me please
Posted by Rj Volmar. Last Replied by MatejSK on 9/13/2011. (3 Replies)

Roland PNC 1000A and Windows 7 driver
I have a Roland PNC 1000A that I'm selling ( I got a Roland GX-24 to replace it with) and the buyer wants to run it on Windows 7. Is there a driver that will work for this? Also can it be connected with a USB cable? Thanks!
Posted by TBB. Last Replied by Keypup on 9/12/2011. (1 Replies)

Need to move my versa camm vs-300
Hello I need to know if I can shut down my cutter and plug in another room. I've been looking at the manual and it says don't completly power down. My boss was trained on the machine but he is no longer with the company so I am trying to figure it all out. I think it has something to do with resetting the ink? Please help!!! Thanks Mikey
Posted by swimcustom1. Last Replied by masse83 on 9/12/2011. (3 Replies)

Extended Warranty - is it worth the cost?
I am considering the purchase of the extended warranty on my VS-640. It is pricey - about $CDN 2500.00 per annum. I am interested in hearing from members that feel the warranty is a good investment. Thank you.
Posted by sohografiks. Last Replied by masse83 on 9/11/2011. (3 Replies)

CM-24 not working
I have a CM-24 and it has quit working properly. The cutter cartridge goes to the other end and stops, no return to cutting position. Anyone know what would cause this? Thanks, TBB
Posted by TBB. Last Replied by TBB on 9/8/2011. (4 Replies)

Cutting with XC-540
I love my XC-540 and am usually able to diagnose and fine tune it myself but the only thing that I haven't been successful with is cutting in detailed areas and corners. I replace my blade often (in my opinion too often) but cuts still don't finish the best when cutting small details. On tight and sharp turns sometimes the blade skips and doesn't cut entirely. It happens on numerous vinyls including mask, calendared, and cast materials. It is generally worse when the material is laminated but still occurs when not laminated. I believe that my pressure is good because the rest comes out perfect. I have tried with heat and without heat and found out that without heat is better. I have tried different speeds but seem to get the same result. My blade is the proper length and the holder is tightened. Anyone have any pointers other than making corners round?
Posted by ActNow. Last Replied by ActNow on 9/6/2011. (4 Replies)

double sided banner printing
Can anyone here help explain to me how to print a double sided banner? I did a search but did not find anything on this forum. SolJet Pro III XC-540 VersaWorks Thanks
Posted by Krosbonez. Last Replied by kirhan1 on 9/6/2011. (8 Replies)

GX-24 Print and Cut issue
Not sure if this is the issue or not but on my first try to Print and Cut, my cutter cut off part of my design. I did watch the video on how to set the out line and the offset. I did notice that when I print my deisgn the black circles that are used by the optical eye do not have the cross hair in them. Mine are a solid black dot. Do they have to have the crosshair? If so why do mine not print? I would appreciate any help on this as I am new to this particular operation for the GX-24 cutter. You assistance will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
Posted by biglar. Last Replied by dcurtis on 9/6/2011. (2 Replies)

Roland Color Library Chart .EPS
A while back I posted a link to an .eps file I made in CorelDraw that had all of the Roland Color Library spot colors. This was so people could print it from VersaWorks on their different medias to see how the colors turn out. The color charts that you can print from in the VersaWorks menu are not vector files, they are bitmaps, therefore the colors don't come out exactly as they would in your vector file. I find that pretty useless if they are not correct. Quite a few people have downloaded the chart so I thought it might help others as well. The post that has the link is hidden in the archives so I decided to post it again since the search function doesn't include this forum section. Hope it helps.
Posted by ActNow. Last Replied by ActNow on 9/2/2011. (5 Replies)

Why the hell...
Roland already changed my 1st new printer last fall due to same problem and now I'm running into it AGAIN! I had an half wrap job to do on contrator trailer. File made on Photoshop, exported as TIF (CMYK), did a printest for color accuracy and RIP it at full scale. The image was separated in 6 panels, 'loaded my roll of 3M IJ180CV3 in my VS-540, make sure all cartridges were at least 50% full and hit print button. 1st panel went out unusable because it was full of color variations (kinda banding made of lighter passes) but all the 5 other panels printed fine. I reprinted the 1st one at the end of the job and everything's perfect. My question: why the hell should I ruined the 1st panel in order to get the printer in top condition to print the rest as expected. 'Told my story (again) to local Roland reseller and the tech guy don't have a clue where to start the investigation. All calibrations were performed, all nozzles fire, room temp is 23°C and humidity is 50%. Printer sits on anti-static mat (grouded in power outlet), 'printed batch of label before this one and everything went out smooth. It's the 2nd time I'm ruining expensive wrap material and inks (not to mention job is delaying). Printer is only 3 months old. Both jobs issues happened on dark colored files (black, dk. charcoal, dk. blue) and not everywhere, not necessary in the firsts feet (kinda random...). The panel can be ruined 15" before the end. That really sucks.
Posted by Concept. Last Replied by Sign Solutions on 9/2/2011. (34 Replies)

Illustrator CS5 and the magically disappearing cutcontour lines ( spot transparency issue)
Hi everyone - first post, on a Sunday no less, as I'm being absolutely driven insane by this issue. Illustrator CS5 is the software. My goal: apply swatch to existing working graphic file and have it retain cutcontour lines. Existing working file has cutcontour layer and then image layer. Issue: applying swatch results in the "spot transparency" warning at "save as" and when brought into VSW all cut lines are gone. What I'm doing: Open the file that works in current state. Start new file in Illustrator and (literally) drag in the .png image that will be my future swatch. (PNG file is 5MB). I then drag the image that has resulted from the PNG into the already open perfectly working file (it just sits in the workspace), and then lastly I drag it into the swatch menu from the workspace. Then I select where I want it applied, apply it, and everything looks perfect. Cutcontour lines are there, nothing in the image has changed - but after I click on "save as" it goes through the transparency warning, and drag it into VSW the cut lines are gone. I've tried everything that I've found on this forum as well as online, and nothing has worked. I've tried flattening the transparency, rastorizing, even two files. Nothing brings back these darn cut lines. The WORST part is that if I "undo" everything I did, ctrl-z over and over and over again, back to where I started, and click on save again - darn thing works like a charm!!! ARRRGGGGHHHH! Anyone have a solution to this? Thanks!!!
Posted by rjcalnan. Last Replied by Sign Solutions on 9/2/2011. (6 Replies)

Apparel & Heat transfers
Anyone tried heat transfers using a xc-540? what kinda print cut results do you get, how durable are they? any input appreciated..
Posted by CMSIGNS. Last Replied by Sign Solutions on 9/2/2011. (4 Replies)

Versacamm 540V printing issue on Banner Material
Not really even sure what to call this, but lately I have had this issue a lot more. When printing on Banner material, there are areas that do not print and looks like small cracks through the printing especially when printing solid backgrounds. I believe it is the banner material, but not sure how to prevent this. Anyone have any ideas.
Posted by printunl. Last Replied by printunl on 8/31/2011. (2 Replies)

IP Address
We moved our computers around and some how lost the IP Address I anve a XC-5400 can anyone help? Thanks Cat
Posted by diverse designs. Last Replied by dcurtis on 8/31/2011. (1 Replies)

IP Address problem!
Was having a problem with my printer. The bozo we purchased it from had me "Initialize Application" without first writing down what my IP address was (and unfortunately I don't have a clue what it is). Now he is unable to get me back up and running again because he cannot figure out how to help me find out what my IP address is. Do you have any ideas of where I might find this out? Thank you kindy. Chris
Posted by Scottfree. Last Replied by dcurtis on 8/31/2011. (8 Replies)

CM-300 and Windows 7 64 bit
I just wanted to post here letting Roland CM-300 owners know I was able to run mine with Windows 7 64 bit OS. I know Roland doesn’t support you using one of their older units with a different driver in the newer OS. I downloaded and installed the GX-300 driver and using CorelDRAW X4, Roland CutStudio running in Windows 7, I was able to output to my cutter. I did get the error “Wrong number of Parameters” on the display, but the cutter did finish every cut and other than getting the error on screen worked just fine. To clear the error I simply selected the Menu button and then sent another design. I also had the cutter connected using a USB to Parallel cable, with the driver set to USB.
Posted by Keypup on 8/31/2011.

I just have to say this
As inkjets go, I don't know why someone would by anything else other than a roland :)
Posted by tonyolm. Last Replied by diverse designs on 8/30/2011. (5 Replies)

SX-15 on Windows 7 64 bit
Any chance anyone knows how to get the SX-15 to work on Windows 7. I've tried every driver I can find but no luck so far. Our computer died so I upgraded and now can't use our plotter. I am pretty desperate at this point because I have tons of work I need to get done.
Posted by torysnyder. Last Replied by dcurtis on 8/30/2011. (5 Replies)

Unrecoverable Scan Sensor
Received a scan error message after a print, restarted it and it came back after an auto cleaning. Restarted in Limit Setup mode and it give me a "unrecoverable scan sensor" message in the middle of setting up the limit. Anyone had this happen before? Thanks
Posted by amaraltx. Last Replied by amaraltx on 8/29/2011. (2 Replies)

SX series on a Mac?
Hey folks, anyone had luck running one of the SX models (SX-12 in my case) on a Mac (Snow Leopard in my case) with CutStudio? I have a usb->parallel adapter that works swell in XP, but I'm tiring of having to boot camp into XP just to cut.
Posted by MikeDeuce. Last Replied by dcurtis on 8/29/2011. (6 Replies)

Frustrated as h--l
I need help before I pull out what little hair I have left. I have R-Wear installed on a laptop. No problems. I install the same thing, update to V1.12 and everything vuts twice as large as it should. Everything says ss6 stone. The numbers are right, the size is right ex. #6 stone, text is .8" high by 3" wide. It cuts about 1.7" high and 2" long. This is happening on all 3 desktops I install it on. I've installed and re-installed, same results. Somebody please HELP!!!!!!! Thanks, Frank
Posted by temptat on 8/28/2011.

I'm getting a haze of color around solid areas
I'm printing a burgundy panel with white letters knocked out. The letters have a haze of burgundy running through some of them & there is a haze of burgundy at the leading & trailing edges of the panel. The heads are clean, the encoder strip is clean. Is my magenta head failing?
Posted by autografix. Last Replied by tabone on 8/28/2011. (6 Replies)

Un-used JWX-30 for sale make offer
We purchased this mill brand new from a Authorized Roland dealer over 18 months ago. We were in the process of setting up a full jewelry production studio when our plans changed. So technically this unit is used, but it has never cut one piece of wax and comes complete just like it did from the factory with some extras that we ordered and had made for us. You can see all the items it comes with from our pictures. We built a custom black rigid stand that fits this unit perfectly, we also had a custom fixture created to accommodate some larger items we wanted to mill. This unit is not in factory warranty, but you can purchase a 1 year extended warranty directly from Roland with the money you save. Current list price for this unit from Roland is $17,895 with all the options we have listed the price would be well over $18,500. We guarantee that this unit is in perfect working condition. We will deliver it free of charge within 500 miles of Tampa Florida. Other shipping arrangements can be made if you are more than 500 miles from us. We will only ship this unit within the United States.
Posted by silverminegifts. Last Replied by ALI_MDX20 on 8/26/2011. (1 Replies)

Roland OnSupport and 64 bit OS
Has anyone heard anything about plans for compatibility between OnSupport software and a 64 bit OS ( I am running WIN7Professional 64 bit). It is just frustrating that I can't use it, and I have had my VS640 for a year now. That was one thing I was looking forward to, and I haven't been able to use it yet. I really don't want to have to uninstall my Win7 just to buy and reinstall a lower version of Windows. If anyone has any knowledge on this, I would love to hear it. Thanks!
Posted by masse83. Last Replied by masse83 on 8/26/2011. (12 Replies)

CutContour not appearing in VersaWorks - updated with video
For those of you having issues with design files not showing cut data in VersaWorks, here are some suggestions: 1.) When saving the file as EPS, click on the "Custom" button under Transparency in the EPS Options window 2.) Uncheck "Convert All Strokes to Outlines" and save as normal 3.) If the design has multiple elements in it, make sure the cut lines are at the highest location in the layer, or in a separate layer above all others 3a.) This can also be accomplished by right-clicking on the cut line and selecting Arrange/Bring to Front 4.)You'll know if you are successful if there is an icon next to Special Items in the Preview Window in VersaWorks(it's the center column on the main screen - View/Preview Window). The icon says "Normal Cut" and looks like a blue A with a white stroke around it. This is a post script issue that occurs with transparencies, clipping masks and gradients. You should not have to save two files or flatten the transparency prior to saving. Please report your success with these tips and whether it works for you or not. *For those saving in PDF - Export as Compatibility: Acrobat 4 and click on "Advanced" on the left column. This will also access the window shown in step 2 above. We addressed this topic with a video:
Posted by dcurtis on 8/26/2011.

my versacamm is not being recognized by versaworks. it gives me an error message when i try to verify the equipment that says "device not found or status not aquired correctly from the device". I have un installed versaworks and reinstalled. I also reinstalled my usb driver. I'm at a total loss right now on what to do next. The usb ports on my computer are high speed and they do work when i plug other devices in them.
Posted by RDobsonjr. Last Replied by tmjoki on 8/24/2011. (4 Replies)

VS640- clogged tubes from capping station
I have had my VS 640 for just over a year now, and I have had these tubes clog twice now,and it seriously affect the amount of ink that is drawn,apparently when a clean is run ( clean is very inconsistent in silver when they are clogged). After changing the tubes, one normal clean fixes silver test print completely! And when I try to run a fine soft wire ( soldering wire ) through the old tubes, they are all clogged and "gummy". Anybody else with a VS run into this? Still really happy with my machine, just hate dealing with that.....
Posted by masse83. Last Replied by masse83 on 8/23/2011. (4 Replies)

Roland Inks Vs 3rd Party inks - Warranty
So Roland has told me that if you use 3rd party inks your warranty gets Void. I have heard and read that it is illegal to void a warranty based on 3rd party inks? I heard it was Illegal under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act and the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Act and is Punishable by Law - from Fellers! Does anyone know the Truth about this and if they have ran into any issues? 440 Roland Inks cost $122ea 440 Solaris Inks cost $79-85 Hmm.. I wonder what ink to buy?
Posted by Fusion Graphix. Last Replied by autografix on 8/23/2011. (13 Replies)

EcoUV "S" ink?
I am very curious about this. Anyone tried it? Does it have the same ink curl problem as previous ink? I would also like to know if there's a technical reason why we can't use the standard gloss with the rest of the "S" line-up. I use gloss all the time, but also need a solution for the other shortcomings of the old ink. Ideally, I'd love to just swap the white only, to see how that goes for a while, and then switch the rest if there aren't any problems. Also would love to know if this ink has an expiry date?
Posted by Alpha Star. Last Replied by Alpha Star on 8/18/2011. (6 Replies)

using spot colors with transparency
I finally figured out how to cut a job that has transparency in the file. It is so simple, I don't know why I didn't figure this out before and why nobody knew the answer. Answer: Save 2 files. ya. i know eh. a print file and a cut file. Yay!!!
Posted by Joyce6464. Last Replied by livo c on 8/18/2011. (1 Replies)

Cut Align issue on Chrome
I'm having issues getting the print/cut alignment on chrome, might work for one job then not the next. It just shifts. Tried adding extra light when scanning for its registration marks and nothing seems to be helping. Did several manual and auto print cut alignments. sometimes it works, other times not even close. Wasting an awful lot of expensive Rtape VinylEFX mirror chrome material and not too happy about that. Hating my Roland SP-300v today. Any other suggestions besides cleaning the encoder strip?
Posted by snowflake. Last Replied by CMSIGNS on 8/17/2011. (3 Replies)

UV inks 6 months outdoor only.
Why are the inks only good for 6 months outdoors without lamination? If they are cured with UV wouldn't that just mean they would cure even in more outdoors? This is ink is no better that regular pigment ink on a Cammjet. Eco-Solvent ink lasts 2 years without lam. So I guess this isn't truly UV ink, Its called UV CURED ink, pretty misleading dontcha think?
Posted by thesignpost. Last Replied by thesignpost on 8/16/2011. (3 Replies)

PNC 2300 & first time posting
Hi all I have the chance of a PNC2300 the seller has lost the software I have been to Roland downloads and found the drivers and manual pdf need to know what software came with engraver . Given the serial number will I be able to retrieve software for free, or have I to pay for this. I need to know as this will reflect on the cost of machine. Any information would be grateful new to engraving have a project working with engraving acrylic and trying to keep the start up cost as low as possible.
Posted by nailujrt. Last Replied by alastairseggie on 8/16/2011. (2 Replies)

Single Line Fonts in DR.Engrave
I have downloaded the Roland RSF file and put it in the Dr.Engrave file as per instruction sheet .I can see them the file but they don't show up after I open up Dr. Engrave ..Please Help
Posted by PatE. Last Replied by Kimtek on 8/15/2011. (5 Replies)

Serious magenta cast on XC-540
I'm getting a really serious magenta cast on pretty much everything I print on my XC-540. It's most obvious on grays -- shifting grays to taupe/pink. We also have an Epson GS6000, and the same files printed on the GS do not have the same issue. Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it? I just replaced the magenta printhead last week and I've tried different profiles, different media settings, and I relinearized our main material profile to no avail. Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. --Jim.
Posted by feckmo. Last Replied by feckmo on 8/12/2011. (9 Replies)

Roland Support all not well in the UK
re Roland Support Legacy machines? does it exist other than drivers Hi although the above thread is now locked, I stil have recieved nothing from Roland perhaps they thought my post was damaging their reputation. The update is they now have the buttons in stock but they still can not supply the pinch roller handle. I have not been able to use this machine for nearly two months now and it has lost me orders because I could not give an indication of when I could complete them. Any work that I cannot complete with my CM24 I have had to turn away. Dana has tried to help but as I am in the UK he can not really do anything, my thanks to him for trying. If they do not lock this thread or indeed remove it I will keep you updated sweepyboy
Posted by sweepyboy. Last Replied by sweepyboy on 8/11/2011. (1 Replies)

Estimating Software???
Has anyone got a spreadsheet or something to estimate costs of cutting vinyl? I found some places selling subscriptions to estimating software, but since this is just in the "Hobby" stage right now I cannot afford that. What would be great is if the Cut Studio had a place to enter the cost of material, and give a true cost including waste. Then it would be easy to mark up from there. Gary GX-24
Posted by gforeman on 8/9/2011.

Cut alignment Issue
I have a Roland sp-300 which is having a problem with the X axis being shifted about 1/4" to the side when cutting the contour. I have tried ENV Match and also setting the alignment both automatically and manually. Automatically it comes close to putting it back to normal but not good enough to use it. It also will not stay after you cut a second job. This problem started right after I sent a print in which the machine prompted me that the media width was incorrect and asked if I wanted to still send the job and I did. I am not sure if there's a direct correlation but that's when it seemed to go off alignment. I have searched all through this thread and can't find anyone who has a solution other than the ENV match or manually adjusting it which in my case do not work. Any time I have set the scan direction setting they cut line never changes no matter what numbers I use. Any help appreciated.
Posted by Steveloaf. Last Replied by RDobsonjr on 8/9/2011. (5 Replies)

updating from versaworks 1.6
hey all, i need some direction. my printer wigged out yesterday and when it did it corrupted versaworks so i removed it and installed my original copy of versaworks (1.6) i am unable to get it to update. i tried to manually update and get an error. "exception occurred. ErrorCode : 0 can anyone offer a suggestion of what i need to to do be able to get up to date? i am running windows xp on this machine connected to a sp-300v
Posted by elautusa. Last Replied by dcurtis on 8/8/2011. (2 Replies)

SC-545EX print drift
A strange thing started occurring with our SolJet. One day fine, later on we started having misalignment that cannot seem to be corrected. What is happening is that the print slowly starts drifting to the right (as you face the front of the printer). The media is NOT slipping... the print carriage is starting at different positions as it progresses. (At one point, we did a print test and the print fully missed the media by two of the test boxes and printed the platten. (yes, the pinch rollers are set correctly.)) We have tried Environmental Adjustments, Bi-Directional print alignment, head cleaning... nothing seems to be doing it. This is not an issue on some things (there are some things where it just won't be noticeable) but it's impossible if there's any sort of straight vertical lines or print/cut combination. Any help or advice would be appreciated...
Posted by Tildewoody. Last Replied by RDobsonjr on 8/8/2011. (7 Replies)

XC-540 Blowing Fuses
I'm wondering if/hoping that someone will have an idea or two on my most recent XC-540 predicament. In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that my printer is WAY out of warranty, I'm armed with the service manual and a decent amount of mechanical aptitude, and I'm determined to figure this out and learn in the process without a massively expensive tech visit if at all possible. So, the issues began with 1/2 of my cyan printhead disappearing. After some detective work, I learned that when the first bank on the first head goes out it's usually the result of a head strike since that's the spot that takes the hit. Okay, so I probably have a bad head. My black head was also showing a couple nozzles dropped out and a bunch of deflection, so I decided to swap out both printheads. Unfortunately, while swapping out the black head, I forgot to disconnect the power completely, and I pulled a ribbon cable with the sub-power off, but main power on. Oops. The result was a blown fuse. I tested by swapping fuses between banks A, B, and C. The problem followed the bad fuse. So, I ordered some new fuses. When I installed the new fuse, all banks were working. I then turned the machine off (completely) and swapped out the manifold on the Magenta printhead which had a slight leak in it. However, when I reinstalled that head and plugged it back in, it started blowing fuses left and right. I swapped out the ribbon cables from bank A with others as a test, and that doesn't seem to be the problem -- the cables from bank A work fine in banks B and C. Likewise, the ribbon cables from banks B and C still blow fuses in bank A. Dammit. At this point I've blown every spare fuse I have, so I can't test more until I get new fuses. Any thoughts on WTF could be causing this latest round of issues? There seems to be a short, but where? The head board? The printhead? I'm thinking that sending the head board out to a service center is my next step, but I'm flying blind here. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. --Jim.
Posted by feckmo. Last Replied by feckmo on 8/8/2011. (1 Replies)

Blue banding issue
Hi there. I'm having some banding issues the print a cut test image you can download from Roland's web site here: I have the SC-545EX PRO II model. All my nozzles are firing in the test print. I did a bi-direction calibration and feed calibration. I had my heat on 40C. No matter what I seem to do I still get banding in the blue. All the other colors look beautiful. I also tried printing in uni-direction direction mode and it didn't fix this banding. Can anyone help me with this matter? I scanned the print-out and uploaded it to my web site. Zoom-in and look for banding in the darkest blue areas directly below the large "41" number. See here: Sincerely, Shane
Posted by VD_llc. Last Replied by Alpha Star on 8/8/2011. (6 Replies)

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